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51 different varietals of red, white, sparkling, and fortified worldclass wines, from the picturesque Swartland wine region of South Africa. We proudly wear our name!


Swartland Winery strives to provide a continuous supply of world class wine and service that conform to and exceed the highest international standards, to all our valued clients.


Swartland Winery is situated north of Cape Town, near the town of Malmesbury in the Swartland, a popular wine destination.
The vineyards benefit from the constant cool breezes that blow off the Atlantic Ocean, effectively sustaining the many microclimates, while the proximity to mountain ranges adds it own dimension to the physical character of the fruit. Over the past 68 years this well known winery has changed from a cooperative cellar into a wine company with three business units that offer our clients an all-in-one wine experience.

In 1948 Swartland Co-operative was established with 15 members. The chairman of the newly formed co-operative donated 4 hectares of his own farm Doornkuil, to be used for developing the winery. Today, Swartland Winery produces approximately 2 million 9 litre cases of wine a year from grapes supplied by producers across an area of 3 600 hectares.
The first harvest is pressed at Bergrivier Co-op.
By 1950, the winery was up and running and membership had swelled to 48 farmers, supplying 2 500 tons of grapes in the first year. The first building is erected, as well as cement tanks pressing 1500 tons.
The 1969 Pinotage achieves second place in the IWS in Budapest. Today, the Swartland Pinotage is still a top seller.
Swartland becomes the first Co-op in South africa to bottle, sell and market itis own brand.
The Swartland manour house is built.
Following the 1994 democratic elections in South Africa, Swartland starts exporting to Europe.
The winery expands it facilities to provide for increasing export and local growth.
The co-operative is converted to a public company - Swartland Winery.
The complete revamp of the Swartland Winery image - this included extensive design work on label ranges, corporate id, branding, advertising, website and more.


The arable land of the Swartland region is ideally suited for the cultivation of grapes in the bush vine style and the many microclimates enable the production of a wide selection of wines. The end product is much sought after for blending as bush vines produce grapes of excellent quality and flavour.

Today Swartland Winery is one of the leading wineries in South Africa. Member farms extend for a 22 km radius in the hills surrounding Malmesbury, covering roughly 3 600 hectares.


The drier conditions of the Swartland region result in smaller grape berries that have increased levels of concentration and flavour components, undiluted by excessive irrigation. Valuable minerals and nutrients are prevented from washing away, and in spring, when the grain dies back, it forms a protective blanket over the soil, further reducing moisture loss during the long hot summers and also curbs the growth of weeds.

The cellar master and viticulturist take a very hands-on approach to grape production. By studying the natural conditions, they assist the contracted wine producers in determining the varieties to plant, test produce throughout the season to determine optimum harvesting time and keep everyone abreast of new developments in the wine industry.

To love our land is to love its open spaces – the soft curves of the landscape; silent, regimental vineyards; a forever sky dotted with clouds, and fields that run beyond the horizon.

Christo Koch
Cellar Master

Christo has more than 32 years experience at Swartland Winery as winemaker and more than 10 years experience in bottling.

Sean Niewoudt
Winemaker & Marketing

Sean worked at Swartland winery as a winemaker for 8 years gaining valuable experience in different wines and wine styles in the national and international arena. He joined the marketing team in 2016 with a special focus on aligning market needs with different product offerings.


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Our Services

– The Marketing Division focuses on global sales of a selection of sought-after brands and assists their bottling clients with logistical and administrative support.
- The Bottling Department can accommodate a variety of bottled as well as ‘bag in the box’ wines within very competitive time frames.
- The Production Facilities where the cellar master selects and blends his wine for various brands, include a state of the art laboratory that is rated as one of the best in the wine industry.