Accreditations & Social Involvement


The Wine and Agricultural Ethical Trading Association (WIETA) is a multi-stakeholder, non-profit voluntary organisation which actively promotes ethical trade in the wine industry value chain through training, technical assessment and audits to assess members’ compliance with its code of good practice. Stakeholders include producers, retailers, trade unions, non-governmental organisations and the government.

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HACCP is a food safety plan, based on Codex Alimentarius HACCP principles. This is the process together with the quality management systems and pre-requisite programmes (Rules) to ensure food safety.

HACCP stands for Hazard Analyisis Critical Control Point.

BRC Global Standards is a leading brand and consumer protection organisation, used by over 25,000 certificated suppliers over 130 countries, with certification issued through a global network of accredited certification bodies. BRC Global Standards’ guarantee the standardisation of quality, safety and operational criteria and ensure that manufacturers fulfil their legal obligations and provide protection for the end consumer. BRC Global Standards are now often a fundamental requirement of leading retailers, manufacturers and food service organisations.

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The BWI is a partnership between the South African wine industry and the conservation sector, aimed at protecting the Cape’s rich floral kingdom.

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Swartland Winery is the proud sponsor of the ‘Swartland Winery 15’ rugby team’s clothing and also their transport to and back from games.